Hillary Leans To The Left — Somewhat

Hillary Leans To The Left — Somewhat

Hillary’s sharing her liberal side,
Giving the left a good lather,
There are winks, a few hints, a suggestion or two,
A finely wrought serving of blather.

You kind of agree, though you’re not always sure,
‘Cause what’s said here is oft’ rather subtle,
So nuanced, in fact, it makes one suspect,
Down the road she might shape a rebuttal.

Does she lean to the left, to the middle, the right?
What’s the future plans of this contender?
No she needn’t agree on all issues with me,
Just tell me her real agenda.

My new book: Gorilla Warfare Against The Bureaucratic State (Confessions of a Lefty Libertarian).


About That New Obama Economic Team

Obama’s economic team
Is now so Clinton-based,
Distinctions with that era past
Have largely been erased.

Should Clinton’s Wall Street friendly crew
Be setting current markers?
Should we again have policies
Constructed by Street barkers?

Obama bashing ain’t my thing,
I’m not here now to pillory;
But honestly, perhaps we should
Have just elected Hillary.