A new, even funnier comic novel from Michael Silverstein

The Bellman's Revenge by Michael Silverstein, second book in the wild Morey Caine series

The second Morey Caine book, The Bellman’s Revenge, is live. Check it out if you get a chance. It’s even funnier than the first Morey Caine book.

Much of the action in the first well reviewed 5 star book in this series by Philadelphia writer Michael Silverstein, Fifteen Feet Beneath Manhattan, took place in the New York City sewer system circa 1973. There dwelt a rapidly evolving new ecology and a criminal society of curiously armed nasties, while above ground a mad general was organizing a military coup.

The Bellman’s Revengefinds Morey, now a decade later, in a new city (Boston) with a new lady friend and an ex-ballplayer sidekick. He has given up journalism to become a private detective, another profession offering ample opportunities for him to exercise his singular talents.

Every traveler’s secret fear is the basis of his present caper. To meet the challenges posed by a demented scientist and a crazed Indian shaman, Morey travels from the halls of M.I.T. into the deepest reaches of continental America in search of the causes and cures of The Bellman’s Revenge.