In Praise Of Class Warfare

Whenever Democrats propose increasing the taxes of the rich, the Republicans cry out: “Class Warfare.” That’s nonsense, of course. Tax policy is always changing in ways that benefit one group in society over another. A tax change that benefits the middle class at the expense of the rich, and especially the very rich one percent, is thus not class warfare, just progressive tax policy. So…

So here’s what let’s do. Let’s raise the present top tax rate of 39.6 percent paid only by top earners to 45 percent, and use ALL the new revenue thereby generated to reduce lower tax rates paid mostly by the working middle class. This is a REAL step toward reducing income inequality, and one that would give a giant boost to the economy as well because a newly enriched middle class would spend the economy into a higher gear.

Then, when Republicans make their usual cry of “Class Warfare,” instead of being cowed into silence, we reply: “Yes. And the middle class wins and the top one percent class loses in this class warfare battle.”

It’s time to stop running away from Republican barbs. Time to start using one of their barbs against them. You know. In order to win the public debate for a change. And wouldn’t that be nice.

(Michael Silverstein’s novel, Fifteen Feet Beneath Manhattan, is available from Amazon in both ebook and print formats.)

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